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Experience Iboga in Africa

Iboga Detox for the Mind, Body, and Soul

At the Hands of the Bwiti

Initiation Into the Bwiti Tradition

An Iboga Retreat Unlike Any Other

Gabon, Africa Retreats

Next Retreat – May 8-22 2018

Experience Iboga at the Source
At the Hands of the Bwiti

Iboga Africa initiations into the Bwiti tradition provided by 10th generation Misoko Bwiti shaman Moughenda Mikala. The retreats are held in Gabon Africa.

Come experience the sacred plant medicine iboga in it’s homeland with the Bwiti.  Initiations into the Bwiti are a powerful way to impact your life for the better. People come to iboga for different reasons. Whether you are looking to heal the mind, body or soul, iboga works on 3 levels.

Bwiti initiations at are true authentic initiations in the Misoko Bwiti. The Bwiti is not a religion but rather the tradition of studying life an using iboga as a tool.

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